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The Boy Who Cried Wolf

There was once a boy whose father one day told him that he is old enough to look after the

sheep. Every day he had to take the sheep over the grass fields and watch them as they

grazed to become strong sheep with thick wool. The boy was unhappy though. He wanted

to run and play, not watch the boring sheep. So, he decided to have some fun instead. He

cried ‘Wolf! Wolf!’ until the entire village came running with stones to chase away the wolf

before it could eat any of the sheep. Once they saw that there was no wolf, they left muttering under their breath about how the boy was wasting their time and giving them a

good fright while at it. The next day, the boy again cried ‘Wolf! Wolf!’ and the villagers again

rushed to chase the wolf away.

As the boy laughed at the fright he had caused, the villagers left, some angrier than the

others. The third day, as the boy went up a small hill, he suddenly saw a wolf attacking his

sheep. He cried as hard as he could, ‘Wolf! Wolf! WOLF!’, but the villagers thought he was

trying to fool them again and did not come to rescue the sheep. The little boy lost three

sheep that day, all because he cried wolf too many times.

Moral: Do not make stories up for attention, for no one will help you when you actually need it.
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